We offer you two options! Store credit or refund.


Store Credit
We want to offer you store credit! With this, you can either choose the correct size or model you expected or get a brand new product in the future. We are getting ready to become the travel brand of the year! You have 10 days to get it from the day you received the delivery.

You can ask for a refund and you will receive the funds in a few days.

📢 For both cases, we need the tracking number the courier gives you when you send the items back to accept your return.


  1. Prepare your package to be sent to one of our warehouses.

To prepare your package for the return, it must meet the following conditions before being shipped out:

  • Brand new, in original condition
  • Shipped in a box – we encourage reuse of the original one.
  • Introduce the Delivery Note in the package
  1. Send your original package to one of our warehouses and keep the tracking number that your selected courier has given you! You will not be able to go ta step 3 until you send the package and you have the tracking number.
  2. Great! You are almost there! Once you have sent the product back to us, it is time to proceed with your return!


📢 Remember that you will not be able to continue with your return if you do not have the tracking number that proves you sent the package back to us.

If something is not clear or you still need help?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us